need answers please, Just installed the new firewall only "5.0.162636"

9-15-10, time 12:26pm
i use avast antivirus(free)

i just downloaded the new version today, firewall only, so far so good, my question is what is the best setting for best protection on the comodo firewall ?, right now its at its default setting.

alert settings: medium

block IP datagrams

what should i change?. if any ?.

COMODO Firewall 2011 version 5.0.162636

32 Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 48M ( 50179528 )
MD5: f9c7b104c20be30b2095b40fc62ca9e4
SHA1: c41700d9d10e3aed2fd8a7f9d3fa8c65e35a9426

Personal choice here. I use the following:

[attachment deleted by admin]

ok, i applied the settings, one more question, is there a site and or something to leak test these settings ?