Need Advice

Greetings, Comodo forum

I would like some advice from someone more knowledgeable about computers than I am. I do not know if it is a remote access tool specifically, but I’m fairly sure that my computer mouse can be controlled by someone remotely at will.

Now, I’ve been using computers for years and years, and something is definitely different with my home PC’s mouse nowadays. First off, sometimes when I try to move my cursor it won’t move at all (this just happened today). Often I can’t click on an element on a web page, I’ll try to explain:

Suppose I was on the main Comodo forum page, and I wanted to view the ‘Virus/Malware Removal Assistance’ page. I move my cursor towards the link, but right before I get to it my mouse freezes. I keep moving my finger over the mouse pad and eventually end up overshooting what I was trying to click on (I can liken it to holding the arm of someone trying to pull away from you with all of their strength. if you were to suddenly let go they would go flying). This will usually happen several times before I am finally able to click on a link. This doesn’t happen with every link I try to click on, it happens every couples of days or so.

This also happens when I’m not online. I was doing my homework yesterday in an excel spreadsheet when I lost control of my mouse and it jumped to the top of the screen close to the floppy disk icon (presumably advising me to save my progress)…

I’ve already restored my computer to factory settings once, and whatever this is either came right back, or never left. I could go on, but this post is already lengthy.

Any advice or insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

are you using a wireless mouse?

Hello, Languy99

I’m using a laptop which has a pad that you slide your finger over to move the onscreen cursor.

You mentioned not being online, but were you connected to your network?

If you weren’t connected to a network, I’m unaware of any way someone could be remotely controlling your mouse movement.

I could be wrong but this sounds like a hardware, or driver, issue to me. Can you check to make sure that the drivers for the touchpad are up to date?


I was connected to my home network. But because I was not computer-literate in any sense when I first got my computer, my router was an open wifi source for over a year (it is now secured with a WPA2-PSK password). There are only two PCs in my home now, and I’m the admin. I’ve collected at least 6 MAC addresses that don’t belong to me on my router logs.

It’s totally weird. When I first set up my wifi network my computer always showed me little bars which told me my connection strength. These days It always says there’s no connection even when I’m online.


I wanted to mention this in my initial post but I felt it was already quite long. When I sought help for this before I was told it might be the drivers. I’ve checked, and my comp tells me they are up to date.

I wish you guys could see this. If you were to move an average cursor as fast as you could across a screen, you can still pretty much see it as it travels. When my mouse “acts up”, it completely disappears from the screen for a few milliseconds and reappears somewhere else.

If this problem can be reproduced quite quickly, I would be tempted to boot off a Linux cd. This could be either Ubuntu or maybe a smaller download such as Parted Magic. You don’t need to install anything, just boot off the cd and then use the mouse within the desktop. If it does the same, then it’s a hardware problem.


I did install Ubuntu on my laptop a while ago, so I can readily try that. Thanks for the help everyone.

just out of curiosity what are you using to check if your hardware’s drivers are up to date? what OS are you running.

Reading through your OP it sounds like a driver issue to me like others have said. i have actually experienced similar behavior becuz of outdated software/drivers