Need ability to selectively add file types to scan profiles

In the “Exclusions” panel, we can choose (from the “Add” button) to exclude File Groups, Running Processes, etc., but it would be nice to be able to use this feature when creating a scan profile as well. This way, we could have CIS scan only e.g., executable files and ignore things like JPEGs and MP3s.

Yes definetely…
I work in multimedia business and have on my c: drive round 80.000 mp3 and 70.000 mini video clips i need on a daily basis… (1tb drive) I cant move them to another drive because i wouldnt be able to access them from my laptop… i

I do not have the material time to do a complete drivescan…!!!
on my older scanner I excluded *.mp3 and *.avi and it was through in jiffy…