Need a product (maybe firewall plagin) with ability connections parsing&blocking

Want to have easy reachable buttons “block images” “block media” “block downloads” “block flash” etc…
want to have single internet connections control center instead of odd, scattered, uncoordinated browser-plagins

not a bad idea.
i use Firefox a lot and have everything in place there to get rid of annoyances, but sometimes i might use something else like Opera, and while that is a great browser, the thing that keeps me from using it seriously is the lack of seriousness in the plug-in development area. most plug-in developers for Opera write nonsense do-nada fluffy bric-a-brac plug-ins that serve no purpose what-so-ever. not everyone is savvy enough to edit the user.js file in a Greasemonkey-esque or Styler-esque sorta way, and not everyone knows it exists or can locate it in order to hand edit it and put in the code they want in a script to work in a satisfying way.

Opera is very annoying that way and so is Safari, et. al.

web bugs, tracking cookies, iframes, java script, java applet, flash, etc, all that can be a pest in lesser developed browsers that serve as a good second to Firefox. all that remote code could be leashed from Comodo.