Need a Definite Announcement of New CIS 2011 Versions

Comodo gods,

How come, no thread in the CIS Announcement board for the newest Comodo IS?

There is a prominent thread announcing forthrightly, the subject line:

     [b]COMODO Internet Security 5.0.162636.1135 Released![/b]    

This thread, of this stated subject, has more than 580 replies in it, tonight, and more coming in every day, and it misleads the General User into thinking that its subject’s version number must still be the latest and greatest. If there was an announcement of a later update that was posted in that thread, that announcement is now buried somewhere in the 39 pages of 580+ messages and it is not visible from the contents page. I have never seen it. Who has time to look through all of that? And if one doesn’t know the new version number, it’s not so easy to klunk down through all those pages, looking for something that doesn’t necessarily exist anyway, until eventually perhaps it will exist.

My system’s CIS 5.0 updated recently, and is reporting Product Version: 5.0.163652.1142 and Virus DBS version 6544, tonight. And I do wonder, is this the latest version?

Granted, one who "lives" in this forum can build up his understanding of "Comodo's ways," and maybe increase his probability of spotting the thing, but, please  ...

a working man doesn’t necessarily have time to be logging in here (and numerous other places) every day, reviewing multiple boards, and clunking down through all the pages of announcements (39 webpages in this thread alone) to try to prove that no new update exists.

Also, I must say, that so many security updates are coming so frequently now from M$, and Mozilla, and every other app vendor, that huge chunks of time are being chewed up in reviewing, making backups, downloading/uninstalling/re-installing; and especially researching and troubleshooting the install failures (viz, .NET Frameworks’ patches, Adobe® apps). Seriously, we need to be able to see at a glance, whether there is a COMODO update, or not; and we need it to be made plain in the Subject line - - too many subject lines are general/generic and vague, and do not communicate the positive understanding of what they are talking about. (But egemen did it well, in the item cited above in Bold.)

It would be very valuable, much appreciated, if the COMODO folks would help by posting a sticky updating & replacing the old sticky, and stating the new Product Version number in the Subject in the top section of the board, same as COMODO did in the Subject line quoted above. Please make it easy to recognize that there is not a new version all during the time when the next version has not been released, so that your users/customers would not be frustrated by expending inordinate amounts of time only to find that there is no clear answer. We need a definite place to look, to doublecheck that the Update search function of our CIS is working properly.



Why are some people reporting as having CIS 5.0 Version 1142 as the member above does? As far as I can establish CIS 5.0 ver 1135 is the latest version. It just really goes to show he has a valid point.

best wishes, rickrev


Im new here and I dont know where to start posting my question. I just installed comodo internet security premium. Just wanted to ask what is the best settings for best protection because its the first time that i will be using comodo and can I combine MBAM with comodo? thanks!

Please see this article. It should explain how to configure it.

1142 is the same as 1135 just has the secure dns enabled at default in the install and i think there r minor fixes for other languages

Hi wasgij6,

Thanks for that, it is a bit confusing as the thread originator for this post has said. Though I have to say they have done a really good job on this latest version of CIS. I note there are other comments elsewhere now on the reason for the new version. But they really should clarify these things so we are all reading from the same page.

Thanks again,