Need a Comodo Firewall installer that overrights old data

I can t get rid of the comodo beta firewall. So is there an installer that overrights the old data, like most do?


If you run the installer for the latest RC version of the firewall, it will run an uninstaller to remove the older installation, so you may wish to try that.

Could you please provide a bit more information as to why you cannot uninstall?


It wont get rid of all of it.


Could you please elaborate? Are you talking about the few remains after the uninstall (registry keys, license info)? Or is it completely refusing to uninstall?

Windows still thinks its on, and it is blocking some of my programs. And the new comodo refuses to install becouse it thinks it is still installed, even tho its not. Thats why i need an installer that will right over the old files.

I see, please tell me which version you were using that is having the uninstaller issues (i.e. 2.4 stable, one of the version 3 betas…).


one of the betas, dont remeber witch one tho

How many datys ago you installed the beta?
Can you try a System restore to roll back to the day before you intalled the beta?

What Os/bit do you have?

week since installitaion.

Cant do a system restore

XP SP 2 32bit

let’s try this

This is the uninstaller from the last V3 verion.
You need to boot from safemode and launch cfpconfg.exe -u from the command prompt once you extracted cfpconfg.exe from
Extract to the desktop should work

cmd says ‘cfpconfig.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Yep you need to type that without i

now a error pops up stating this:

ERROR: Could not load C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\cfpres.dll . Please check if application folder has this file. Aborting application.

Ok I added that file as well.
Hopefully there shouldn’t be any more needed files.

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It worked, but not really.

Windows still thinks Comodo Firewall is still on, and its still blocking my programs.

Then before anything download GMER and post a full txt report.

There is a way to remove Drivers Manually

Then you should delete all Comodo devices under Hidden non upnp devices

This file should reset Windows Security Center use it only if comodo is listed as active when it is uninstalled.

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THANK YOU!! that file is just what did it :BNC

Wait that only remove the enty from Windows Security Center.

You need to test if the application are still blocked and if you have any leftovers in Device Manager.

I did, why else would i say “that file is just what did it” ?

Glad it worked then :slight_smile: