So…what’s the answer?

Also, IF you only run CPF, what do you run periodically to ensure that something didn’t slip through?

Can CAV be installed and run on an as needed or scheduled basis?




You can run CFP 3 on its own and not get infected, if you are confident in answering alerts for an unknown application. But, if something slips through you will need an active antivirus/malware catcher such CAVS.

CAVS can be installed and just used as an on demand scanner by turning off the on access scanner at start up, and disbliang its statup, but CAVS isn’t designed to be fully shutdown.

You may want to add BOClean to add additional protection, and/or run a standalone scanner (e.g. Dr.Web CureIt) to perform additional checks of your sytem. Keep your eye out for CAVS 3 which will incorporate BOClean signatures, and offer much more protection than the current version 2.


Short answer ? No, not if you AV-scan downloaded executables and other infectable files
before you run them . You can even use this approach with Comodo 2.4 and be quite safe .
So, you do need some AV-program but it doesn’t have to be running all the time.


You might want to read this if you’re interested, because it has already been discussed a lot and there are a lot of opinions for you already: :slight_smile:


Thanks to all for the prompt and helpful responses.

I suspected that I should have both… and I shall. From the comments on the forum it sounds like the Comodo AV is CLOSE to being ready for prime time.

In addition to the Comodo Firewall, I am currently running Comodo BOCLEAN and, periodically, SUPERantispyware [which I really like…]. I also use CCleaner and Ad-Aware frequently.

Thanks again…



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