Necessary Improvements

there is real necessity of massive amount of very very needy improvements in the upcoming comodo v7 antivirus engine :

  1. Comodo antivirus engine needs to improve the proper & complete removal & cleanup capabilities of threats & malwares & stubborn & complex rootkits & bootkits & other complex blended & embedded forms of threats & malwares & worms to a much much better extent than what it currently is .

  2. I am talking about the improvements required in the comodo antivirus engine itself because millions of users use comodo antivirus & CIS premium free version to protect there computers from live & active web based & latest forms of any sorts & kinds of threats & malwares ( 24/7 hours online ) & they aren’t aware of any other cleanup tools like CCE or EEKit etc. etc. to clean there pc’s after malware infections has already taken place & so it’s best when comodo antivirus itself properly & completely removes any traces of threats & malwares & rootkits from the hard disks or RAM & any portion of registry or any important or any parts of the system itself.

  3. Comodo’s detection rates has improved a lot for the last couple of years but there are huge amount of improvements required in the behaviour blocker & sandbox & zero day threats & malwares & rootkits detection & there proper & complete removal & cleanup by the comodo antivirus engine itself.

  4. So, finally we the users of CIS premium & all other comodo products expects that comodo will definitely & positively make the above mentioned very very necessary improvements in the upcoming future version of all Comodo v7 series of products

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