nbname and nbdgram

ok im kinda new to comodo but i cant believe i never used this before instead i had xp firewall
and i keep getting inbound policy violation starting with nbdgram 138 then nbname 137 a lot
and i have even got this when i wasnt connected on the net i am just wondering what this is and
why my firewall is tripping out on it. my setup is my cable modem is connected through a linksys
wired router and then a access point wireless connection which gives me internet access through
my adapter also my connection has wep security enabled any ideas with the nb stuff.

nbdgram 138 and nbname 137 are ‘normal’ traffic - unsolicited but normal I think. If you want the log entries to stop you can define a new trusted network for your router using the wizard in CPF settings.
I have done this on my home pc and dont get these log entires now. On my work pc (where I don’t trust my network) I have not added a trusted network but have made the log file read only to improve performance.
Sorry I haven’t got time to go into more detail right now but there are plenty of posts on this if you search the forums. I am sure Panic or Little Mac will explain in more detail if they see your post.


Hi Mikey, welcome to the forums.

These are NetBIOS/NetBEUI broadcasts (detailed explanation here). What IPs are cited on CFPs blocks (see CFPs Log, Activity tab)? Internal LAN IPs? Your system or another system on your LAN? External IPs?

Not many people use NetBIOS/NetBEUI… if you don’t used it, then it can be disabled.

so this is just normal traffic because most traffic i get is from this and also bootp 67 and
most inbound outbound and applications try to connect to my dns and my comodo is
tripin out so i should put my DNS in trusted zone right?

You should not have to put you DNS servers in a trusted zone, unless you are running a proxy server on this computer and are serving a network

It will be covered by the allow all IP traffic out rule. This is a default rule. Unless you have limited your outbound traffic from your PC. If you are doing this I definetly would expect to to have to some studying or you need a fiar amount of networking experience. This would definatly be an advanced configuration and should not be required.