Nat error with Comodo firewall

Hey all.
First thanks for this free firewall.
But i have a problem i have give my Utorrent all access in/out but it says it can reach my port 50000 when Comodo is open.
Can you meaby help?
I dont now if this is the right place to make this quostion.

Daniel (:KWL)

Welcome to the forum.
There is a FAQ section you can read for more info.

Go to Network monitor (security/network monitor).
Right click on your top rule and add/add after.
Do these settings.

Action : Allow
Protocol : TCP or UDP
Direction : In
Source IP : Any
Destination IP : Any (or zone if you have one)
Source Port : Any
Destination Port : A single port : 50000

If it doesn’t seem to work, restart CF or reboot your PC.

Always remember to place your allow rules you make, above the default block rule.
Network monitor reads the rules from the top to the bottom.

Okay that dident work?.
All my allow is over the blocked ones.
I restartet my pc but i still get a nat error :frowning:


Can you post a log here?
Run uTorrent, and go to activity/logs and right click in the log, and save as html.
Attach it, or paste it in your post.

I will move this to help section.

Hey again.
Hmm i cant save a log when i right click and save to log i type
log.html but it is empty?