Nasty rootkit virus----has my laptop shut down. Can anyone help?

My Dell i5, 4GB, Win 7 laptop has picked up a persistant rootkit Virus. After it locked my computer
I removed the hard drive and reformatted’ reinstalled the OS. It worked well for a few minutes then
Wireless quit it refused to read any input from USB drives, etc. Now it won’t allow me to boot from
CDs, can’t boot into safe mode, and many other problems. I’m trying to type from a tablet, right now
and I hate it, can anyone help?


If this is really as nasty as you describe and it’s not a hardware failure I think the best way would be to find someone with enough knowledge in your area to help you out.
These things are very difficult to fix via forums. Else you might end up doing more harm then good.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE).
As with any root kit cleaner, use with caution.
Take Ronny’s advice above as what you should be doing.

Assuming you have a clean backup, and you are going to reformat, give cce a try. Follow its instructions for cleaning root kits.
I’ve only had one root kit myself, CCE cleaned it. But, I also decided to re initialize my drive, (use your drive’s support software for this), repartition, reformat before I restored (Win7 Ultimate X64).

This has been my only experience with a rootkit. These are nasty critters.

First make sure that the installation CD or DVD is an original CD or DVD to make sure that it is not the cause of infection. Also make sure to not to hook any USB stick or external hard drive and that no other computers are on your local network when installing Windows and updating it.

This guy who made this how-to remove rootkit 0Access. Really helped me when I had the rootkit infection. Hope this video helps. Or is moderators disagree. flistenen to them, They have much more Experience than me.