Nasty problem with Zone parameters updating

Then I modify parameters of any zone created earlier, CPF doesn’t update rules using this zone.
Reload CPF or reboot PC doesn’t solve this problem.

It updates the first two network monitor rules for me, but not the others.
A simple solution is to double click the net mon rule and just click ok, and then it shows the right zone IP range. It looks like a refresh problem.
Another “trick” to refresh CFP is to right click the sys tray icon, and put it to allow all for a few seconds, and then put it back to custom.

I thought it was just me…
I re-ran the wizard but worked?

So far reading through the forum(s) have solved all my needs.


It’s not funny to refresh about 20 rules manually >:( . And another method, IMHO, is not correct too. It seems to me this trouble looks like a bug.

Hmmm… Silence in the night… ???
Request to Comodo developers: Will you fix this bug in future?