NAS to External HDD

So, i got a NAS and whant to backup the files to an external HDD.
Comodo backup found the source map in my NAS and my external HDD. no problem there.

When finally the backup was finished it had only backedup a verry small amout of data from my NAS.
Ran it again, this time complete backup, (simple copy) - same result.

I read somewhere in this forum that comodo backup dosent support NAS. but I found it intresting that i could backup at least some data. Is there a solution to this problem or is the onlyway(at least what i can think of) disconnect the NAS from the network and use it like a external HDD? But i dont like that solution cuz we need to run the backup in office hours when ppl need the NAS during work.

ill hope you understand my problem. I do love comodos products and I whant to use Comodo backup.

There shouldn’t be a problem using Comodo Backup to read from a NAS to an external HDD or vice versa. I use this method at several sites.

Are you referencing the folders on the NAS by a UNC name or by a mapped drive letter?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I tried it again but still got the same result. When I select my NAS I’m clicking my way through microsoft networks and so on. but the folder is named \NAS\ after I selected it.

When I click “Show files” it shows like 5% of all the files I have selected. Is there anyway to fix this?


Reason: Out-Dated post.