Naming network control rules


I wish it was a way to name network control rules. It would make it a lot easier keeping track of them and remember why they were created. For instance you could name a rule “Allow emule in home LAN” etc. Could it be that I have overlooked a way to do this, or is it simply not possible? I would also like the ability to reset the rules to the default ones that is set up during installation.


There is a reset button at the bottom of the page in security/advanced.
I have never tried it myself, so I don’t know if it resets everything or just some of the settings…

Naming rules is on the wishlist, so there is no way at the moment to name rules.

If you are behind a router and have created a trusted zone, you can go to "add/remove/modify a zone in security/tasks and add a zone with the same IP range as your regular trusted zone and name it “emule” and then you go to network monitor and use that “emule” zone as destination on your IN rule for emule. ;D