Name Change... (From 3xist)

Heads up guys. :slight_smile:

WOW, I’m going to forget this SOOOOOO HARD !!! ;D

Well, I’m already asking for forgiveness, sending you a pm with : WTH are you ;D



This is my new permanent name! :slight_smile: I have hard 3xist for too long… Even before Comodo Forums! :slight_smile:

And you will live up to this name, too. :slight_smile: >:-D


Please note though, Matt referred to you as 3xist in his YouTube test of CIS 3.9. So there is some honor in the 3xist name. :a0

Hehe… Yes true, But personal text helps. :wink:

meeeeoooowww (:SHY)

how to change???

go to your profile & click the account related setting :slight_smile:

How he decides to live up to it is what worries me ;D

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