Nag screens glaore!


I’ve had backup and cloud on the computer for about two weeks.

My ‘personal’ problem is that it doesn’t just sit in the background and wait to be used like Skydrive. It lets me know there is a problem every time my computer goes to sleep and wakes up, or boots up. It seems like a lot more than that but I don’t remember others now.

Cloud is installed as a drive not a folder! If it has to do that…ASK ME WHAT DRIVE LETTER TO DESIGNATE TO IT.

I don’t think Cloud will survive. If there is no other way to access it without its Cloud software backup may have to go.

I’m just old and set in my ways.

You can change the preffered CCloud drive letter in CCloud settings (right click on the tray icon).
The CCloud storage can also be accessed using mobile applications (Android and iOS ) and the website.