'Mystery' folder on my dektop

Ever since trying (unsuccesfully) to uninstallCreative Media sound Source 5 I’ve had a unnamed folder on my dektop. It only opens by right clicking . Wnen it opens it turns out to be a copy of everything in . Comodo can’t give it a name either but puts a query next to it. I followed the details that Comodo gave it, opened regedit HKEY_CLASS_ROOT and found a folder just called < *>. If I open it I find 2 folders and .
Is there enough there for some kind soul to advise me? I’m scared to delete it in case I ■■■■■ it up. On the other hand, everything is working OK so should I just pretend it isn’t there?!!

Hi Pianoman,

If you use the file explorer and go to c:\documents and settings<userid>\desktop
does it show up there?

Hi Ronny.
Right. I did that and got an identical copy of the desk top that is in the ‘mystery folder’! (Weird!) I don’t know if this is a clue:- following what I had figured out from Comodo I went into ‘regedit’. I opened HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and the first folder in the string is simply labelled * .If I open that I have 2 folders:- and contains Excel.exe,IExplore.exe,MSPaint.exe, Notepad.exe, Winword.exe, and Wordpad.exe. contains ContextMenuHandlers and PropertySheetHandlers. Does that give you a clue?
It was suggested that I should go into safe mode, remove the 8folder and see what happens. Does that make sense?

What’s your OS version?

I would not remove the folder, i would MOVE it to an other folder to see what happens.
You can also try to use command-line tools to see if it’s a Junction or some other Link.

Can you open a command-box (Start, Run, cmd) and then do

cd “\Documents and Settings<userid>Desktop”

now type dir /ad and press Enter can you post the results here?

Hmmm. I’m good (nay expert!) at using the programmes I use, but I’ll have to wait 3 days before I try your suggestion as I have some heavy work to do and don’t want it all falling over! See you in a few days.