Mystery: 4.23 at Comodo but at FreeFiles 4.24...what do you make of it? [closed]


I have a little problem. At freewarefiles there is already v4.24

But at Comodo there is only v4.23… ???

Where is the problem?

Thanks for your answers.

Hi MacPeter

Kevin posted a URL for BOClean 4.24 Release Candidate yesterday. Freewarefiles, as have BetaNews and Major Geeks, have picked this RC up & posted their own URL for it. In short, they stole it. ;D The official release is still 4.23, as 4.24 has not been officially released yet (still in the final throws of beta testing).


“File not found” … rather disappointed with them, handing out a “not ready yet” version - so no 4.24 beta available anymore, folks can thank them … we’ll let everyone else know the results of the testing once it’s completed and the REAL 4.24 is to become available. But since that site looted the stash, no more handouts of the test version of 4.24. Idjits. :frowning:

True they have to ruin it for everyone! >:(


Sheesh, and in your original post, Kevin, you said it would be there for a limited time only anyway.

I guess it goes to show ya, folks are interested in CBO, and they wants it… ;D


Heh. Yeah, it had to live a wee bit longer than planned since I wanted to be certain that everyone who had reported a problem with the original test build had gotten the new one to play with. So far, only two problems, both external and caused by misbehaving firewalls … one more day to beat it up amongst those who have tested it, and if no problems then tomorrow we get together on this end and arrange for the OFFICIAL release. Just bothered me a bit that a “pre-release” had been put out there as THE release … what if there was still a problem? We’d be hammered over it. :frowning:

Hey Kevin :slight_smile:

What about a BOClean Beta section that is only available for forum members ??? Like the one CPF has :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Yeah, I’ve seen that with the FW before, and possibly the AV as well. It seems that even when only available to forum members, they still get out.


Than you should put a big Alpha or Beta in the installer name AND in the gui, so everyone can see it’s an Alpha or Beta release :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Yeah, should have thought about that, didn’t know that could be done. It was more important to me to test the final changes and hide it here where those who had encountered problems with the original release candidate would be sure to spot it and check it out. So far, so good - only two problems reported and both are external to BOClean - firewall issues. Not much I can do about those, so it looks like we’re good to go once I send in the code to be signed.

And in deference to Little Mac, as I said to Egemen, Melih and the rest of the crew over lunch last Friday, “good software is not released. It ESCAPES, leaving a trail of death and destruction behind it in its wake.” Just didn’t think anyone would have taken that literally! :THNK


Unfortunately, I think both BetaNews & MajorGeeks are mirroring this unofficial 4.24 RC. I didn’t check Freewarefiles, but they probably are as well (they all seem to these days).

evening folks. i used the link-guess that’s what it’s called- in macpeters post and downloaded 4.24. the more i thought about it i felt i shouldn’t have done that. uninstalled 4.24 and reinstalled 4.23. felt guilty i guess since i didn’t ask for a copy. tks. frank.

Don’t feel guilty :wink: It’s not your fault it’s on several sites :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Heh. Not anymore. Had to go after a few who had mirrored it, but most of those sites simply pointed at the server … and since I still have the keys to THAT car, “le poof!” Instant dead link. Informed the operators of as many of those sites as I could find to "stay tuned, and watch for the real file actually having a COMODO link on it rather than … “who?” :smiley:

This all proves one thing: BOClean is still big news! Everyone wants it and that’s all down to Kevin’s reputation. (:CLP)

Oh noes! Then we’re in SERIOUS poo! :slight_smile:

Untested code, possibly hoseware, from a NON-COMODO source … geez. No WONDER so many get infected. Fortunately, the test was successful and nobody down and there was no malware (though I was amused to see a report on one of the places I had to chase down that some qwappy program out there insisted that BOClean had a keylogger (or was that a key lager?) Geez. Once BOClean’s out the door, my next project will be a robot that will automatically slap the user, put the computer and monitor in a shipping box and send it back to wherever they bought it from and issue them an Underwood or Smith Corona and let them have at it with snailmail. Heh.

I have a feeling we will have the official release very soon :Beer

Greetz, Red.

Now that’s an idea I can get behind! :Beer

Isn’t Key Lager the town in Florida where old drunks go to die?

Yes I remember the key-logger thing being mentioned at a few other forums.
Here is one from Wilders in which mercurie asked the question.

I think I was going to Beta News even before Wilders, I can’t remember but I do think I was the one that brought the Beta News Forum to Wilders way back before there were 1000 members.
I haven’t gone there for some months now since it became like most other forums with people coming there and posting just to see how many posts they could achieve, then after learning from some people in the know, would begin trying to convince everyone how much of an “expert” they were.
I only recognize one nick from the old days here but am sure there are other with a new nick.
I see Hayc here :Beer

Anyway just wanted to say I think if Beta News posted 4.24 and did not mention it was a “BETA” which is what beta news is or was all about, then they were misinformed . I guess I always just did something a wise old instructor once told me never to do “assume” LOL
that if it was on Beta News, it must be a beta. (:NRD)

4.24 working fine here.