MySQL Administrator/Query Browser

Whenever I use the MySQL Administrator/Query Browser to connect to the database server in my LAN, it takes me about 5 seconds to connect. Same problem occurs when executing queries, backing up databases, etc.

I tried to enable the “skip advanced security checks”, but it doesn’t help. However, the connection speed can be much improved if I do the following:

  1. Switch the Comodo Firewall’s security level to “Allow All”
  2. Use MySQL Administrator/Query Browser to connect to the database
  3. Switch the Comodo Firewall’s security level back to “Custom”

Of course, that’s not the solution I want, any suggestions?


Is your LAN set-up as a “trusted zone” in CPF?

Yes, both the client (workstation with CPF) and the server are in the same LAN.

Sorry, I’m slightly confused by your response… so please excuse what might appear to be a repeated question.

What I meant was, has a Trusted Zone been defined within CPF for your LAN?

Sorry for the confusion. I’ll try to explain the situation a bit more:

  1. There’s only one Trusted Zone defined, which is the default one created by CPF during installation.
  2. I can connect to the server with FTP, VNC, even the MySQL tools while the CPF’s security level is on “Custom”.

My problem is that there’s about 5 seconds delay when I try to connect to the server or execute query commands with the MySQL tools, but there’s no delay on FTP and VNC.

I also found that there will be no delay if I do the following:

  1. Switch the CPF’s security level to “Allow All” before I use MySQL Administrator/Query Browser connect to the server.
  2. Connect to the server with the MySQL tools.
  3. Switch the CPF’s security level back to “Custom”.
  4. Continue my tasks with the MySQL tools.

OK. Is the Server’s IP address included in the trusted zone or does the range specified include the Server’s IP? Is the anything in CPFs log concerning any MySQL components or anything relating to your LAN?

Also MySQL has a fair amount of individual components. Are these all listed in CPFs Application Monitor?

Yes, the server’s IP address is within the specified range.

MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser are stand alone GUI tools which allow users to connect and perform tasks on the database server remotely, each of the tools contains an executable and some DLLs. For the first time I execute them, I already checked the “remember” checkbox on the pop-up alert to add them to the Application Monitor.

You missed one of my many questions… :wink:

If there any relating to this in CPFs log?

I’m not sure if this is the answer to your question:

I removed the entry belongs to the MySQL Query Browser in the Application Monitor and ran it again, the pop-up alert shows the following information, and there is nothing related show up on the CPF’s logs:

Application: MySQLQueryBrowser.exe
Parent Application: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe

[Problem Resolved]

By adding a new network control rule, I fixed the delay on MySQL Administrator/Query Browser, the new rule also fixed my network printer problem!

Add a new Network Control Rule right before the “Block & Log” rule:

Action: Allow
Protocol: IP
Direction: In
Source IP: Server IP
Destination IP: Client IP
IP Protocol: Any