Myriad Issues with latest Comodo Firewall update

The latest update that came down for Comodo Firewall yesterday morning has basically reduced my system to shambles. I reinstalled with a new download and still have the same issues, and much to my horror, I am now having to re-click every freakin allow popup even tho I exported and re-imported my configuration.

My list of issues:

  • Outlook stops sending/receiving emails after a short while. Works fine once you restart Outlook, but only for a little while.
  • SecureCRT (SSH app) hangs indefinitely when opening, even with Trusted App status, and removing all 0-1023 port blocks.
  • Flex Builder is unable to open network shares.
  • Some weird popup about not being able to reach a network share because it is trying to attack my computer.
  • Unable to reach some DNS queries to my local (on LAN) DNS server.

Anyone who could help with these issues would be appreciated. Search didn’t reveal much. All of this stuff was working before the updates, except for the Outlook one.

Vista SP1


Anybody? I know zip about Vista and Vista configurations.

So I think it must be some weird interaction with Panda AV (Panda firewall not enabled, should have said I was using that before presumably). Basically I have it set to ‘only protect against known vulnerabilities’ now and things are somewhat better. To be clear, none of these issues where a problem until the update.

I basically have to start up my SecureCRT SSH client right after a (frighteingly frequent) reboot, and things work ok, but if I wait an hour or whatever, it hangs indefinitely on start up.

Did you export, import AND THEN SELECT (to make the imported config the active one)?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Probably not. I took the terms ‘import/export settings’ as they are generally used in almost every other application in the world, lol. Maybe they should change the name to reflect that it doesn’t actually do what most people would expect. It never even crossed my mind that importing wouldn’t ‘select’ them, whatever that means. Maybe ‘Load Possible Configuration’, or ‘Add Settings to Selection List’ or some other phrase that makes it clear what the user should expect. Or a popup with checkbox after you import that says ‘Would you like to make these you default settings?’ Basically anything but the usability nightmare that is there now.

But then I have strong feelings on this kind of stuff: Why make me use a drop down menu to choose a state when I can more easily just type 2 letters? etc.

Yep, it’s a bit odd. :wink:

Do you think it would make it more obvious if, instead of having to click on a SELECT button and then choosing a currently imported config to make it active, the users were asked, during the import process, if they would like to make the newly imported config active?

Ewen :slight_smile: