myInstallationError."newPrivateNetworkDetected." What now?

Hi everyone. This is my first post. Please move the message to a better area if it is needed.
I have only one computer. I do not have computer 2, nor computer 3.

Here is my recent Comodo installation history. I installed CIS 3.14.130099.587 (on 03.05.2010). I installed CIS Premium version 4.1.19277.920 (on 06.23.2010).

During the installation, on 06.23.2010, I made an error by selecting and arriving at a “new Private Network.” Somehow I was able to complete the installation and CIS worked. The next day I got this message “New Private Network Detected. 192.168.167/255.255.0 The Firewall has detected a new private network that your PC is about to join. You may either close this window or follow the steps shown in the screen. Step 1 Give a name to this network. Step 2 Decide if you want to trust the others in this network.”

What I did during the installation was to do only Step 1 to give a name to the Network. I could not complete Step 2 so I closed the window. I cannot now complete Step 1 or Step 2.

I have an older PC which originally used Windows 98 and with my son’s help we upgraded to Windows XP.
I have a DSL internet connection through a local provider in Indianapolis.
If you need more info about my computer, then I can run B.Advisor to give you more info.

If you recommend that I “un-install” CIS 4.1...etc,  then I hope that I can get back the original 

“Primary -Auto IP-address” and drop the Comodo Private Network information. I hope that I do not have to contact my Internet Provider for their help to get the earlier number or numbers back again.

What do you suggest?

Thank for your help for I do need it.
Mr. Messy

The connection between your modem and the Computer is still a private network (your home network).
You need to allow this.
Go to Firewall/My Blocked Network Zones.
Remove your network from this (if it it there). Click Apply.
Go to Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/My Network Zones tab.
If your network is showing here, remove it. Click OK.
Go to More/Settings/General tab
Make sure ‘Automatically detect new private networks’ is checked. Click OK
Restart your computer.
CIS will find your network when it starts up.

after startup, I also will go to Firewall/Stealth Ports Wizard, and stealth my ports on a per case basis.