My Wishlist

  1. an option to show popup(similar as ask for permission popup) Alert when something is blocked
    reason, I downloaded or run many applications just like everybody do, but I put new applications and installers into a folder called “Isolated” which has policy set to isolated application. I run the apps/setup and see if there’s any suspicious activity from it but bringing up the event log is sometime inconvenient. So i would like to see an option to allow defense+ to alert me when something is blocked.

  2. permission request, information alert popups and event log need more detail information like an application is trying to modify which registry key and attempt to add what key to it. instead of just tells me it is trying to modify protected registry.

it will be useful for some users to identify if an application is trying to perform harmful activity to the system.

I added some ideas from this suggestion to “my” “AIO” list - Point(s) 2.2. If you have some free time please check my post if it’s fitted with your idea.

Thank you!

Suggestions for future version(s) AIO