My Wishlist for CPF

My wish list for the Comodo Personal Firewall is basically everything featured in the Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall that is not featured in the Comodo Personal Firewall.

This can be found here:

We would love to do that for you.
can you do us a favour first!
Can you pls outline all the features we are missing and post it for us. It will save us so much time.

thank you!

ummm… SKPF was a blue screen prone firewall… please keep that feature out :smiley:

Other than that, i’ve noticed that SKPF is trying to turn into a suite product… a.k.a. bloated… (Like the Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite I uninstalled) I’m much more of a fan of the current modular approach here at Comodo. CPF, CAV, and HIPS when it’s released will be my foundation.

A few things I cannot find in Comodo Personal Firewall:
Host-based Intrusion Prevention System
Script blocking (JavaScript, VB script)
Referrer and Cookies blocking
Ad blocking
Pop-up windows blocking

I’m not sure if you have the following:
Packet filter
File integrity control
Network Intrusion Prevention System

Most of those browser issues can be solved by switching your browser or with plugins. In my case, I switched to FireFox with some extensions to accomplish the above functions (and then some). Even IE with the GoogleBar can accomplish most of the list.

But let’s not throw the suggestions away, but redirect them to a new wishlist for a Comodo Internet Browser. (L)

Myself, I’d like to see the CPF kept on focus and not become a bloated “suite”. I like that “File integrity control” function you mentioned… that’s the one that monitors if the file changed right? (a CRC check i suppose) That would be a great feature!

HIPS is on the drawing board already I think. (R)

actually HIPS is all I want

take everything else out of my wishlist

HIPS is on the table :slight_smile: give us few months :wink:


Another thing that i think it’s VERY useful: please, add in the traybar an icon for AV and an icon for Firewall, to be sure that both programs are running well. I think it’s useful that the user can right-click on these icons, and have a menu with the choice “Temporary disable Antivirus” or “Temporary disable Firewall”.