My wireless Laptop Does not recognize the Homenetwork After CPF 3 implemented

I have a home network (mshome) in which I have the following nodes:

  1. a Linksys (wireless) Router
  2. a Network Drive attached to the Router.
  3. a desktop PC wire to the router.
  4. 2 laptops (wireless communication).
  5. Windows firewall
  6. OS is XP with SP2 on all my PCs

Two days ago I implemented the Comodo Personal Firewall v3 on my Desktop PC. The implementation was successful. I have access to the internet and the network including the network drive from my desktop PC (with Comodo Firewall) and from my wireless Laptops ( Windows firewall).

The implementation of Comodo Firewall went so well on the desktop that I decided to implement it on my wireless laptop number 1. Now my Laptop can access the internet but does not recognize the MSHOME network (Home network) and can not access the network drive.

What do I need to do to be able to get access to the network from my wireless laptop?

Hi manueljlopez

I don’t use a wireless router but many forum members do. Check out this link for instructions.


Also, make sure Explorer is not blocked in Defence+. Check your logs to see if it shows any of the IP’s on your network being blocked. You could temporarily turn off or disable the firewall to make sure that its not something other than the firewall blocking the network shares.

Post your rules if your still unable to connect.

i am having a similar problem. I have a WPA-open security and I know that this is interfering with the firewall. i don’t know how to work around it.