My virus protection seems to have been altered

Just installed Firewall V3 and it seems to have disabled the real time and e-mail protection of my CA Antivirus (although the scan option is still there). When trying to re-enable real time and e-mail protection I am told I have insufficient permissions to do so. Is this a feature of Commodo, and do i need to worry? 88)

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What version of CFP3 are you using?
What is in your D+ logs? Comodo → defense+ → Events

It’s on XP SP2

I don’t understand the part about d+ logs - where do I find that?

Comodo → defense+ → Events. Then take a screen shot of it for me and attach it here.

If you don’t know how to make screen shots you can use the program I attached to this reply.
When posting Click Additional options… And attach the picture

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Rightie ho!

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Ok well it does not seem that Defense+ Is blocking CA. Are you sure that it’s 100% Comodo that is causing the problem?

You can try; Put Defense+ in training mode (Right click Icon) then try enabling CA real time protection, D+ (if its the problem) should “Learn” that CA is a trusted program, Then put D+ into safe mode.

Also to check if CA is running real time protection you can downloaded the EICAR test file from this link;

If CA is running correctly it should detect eicar.
Eicar is a test file ( It is not a real virus )

The real time protection seemed to stop working right after I installed Commodo, so I think it must have caused the problem.

CA hasn’t detected eicar, so it isn’t working correctly. I’ve put Commodo in training mode and tried to re-enable, but no joy there.

Did I happen to mention my love/hate (emphasis on the hate part)relationship with all computers?

Now Commodo has downloaded updates and is scanning my PC.

Oh, and thanks for the speedy attention to all of this.

Thank you!
Try disabling Defense+ Right click on the tray icon and disable. Does it work? If not;

(1) Comodo → Defense+ → Advanced → Defense+ settings → Deactivate Defense+ Permanently ( Requires Restart )

(2) You could also try uninstalling comodo to find out whther it’s comodo or something else…

Remember the best way to test if your AV is working it should detect the Eicar test file.

I’m really sorry about the trouble.

Thnaks, I’ll try this later. On the plus sid eof things, the Commodo scan foun eicar! :BNC

Lol How long do you have left on your CA subscription?
If you do not have long until it runs out you might like to consider trying CIS (Fire wall, Defense+, Antivirus)

It runs till May next year, hence the rather drastic action I took of uninstalling and reinstalling CA antivirus - the installation of Commodo looked like there was nothing wrong with it, so I didn’t try uninstalling it first. Having done so, it all seems OK and CA found Eicar, but I wait with baited breath. I don’t know for sure that Commodo caused the problem: my son has a Vista laptop, and CA has corrupted on there, as well. It could be a coincidence, but I doubt it … I wonder if someone has targetted CA products?

Thanks for your help with this.

I really should try spelling Comodo correctly

You’re very much welcome :slight_smile: (CLY)