My view point of comodo opinions sugestions constructive critic i want to help

Hi a week ago i post a very bad opinión because comodo dont validate an offer who send me by e mail. I dont want to go back to this topic, but i must say you they validate for me two days ago. I decide créate a new topic to redime me, apologize and know more about the product. Im want too give some points of view and opinions about the paid service, and the whole product and comodo philosophy

1 I think comodo not only a software compaty. I think its a social movimient who try to open our minds and make us free about unethical strategies of other “security products”. I read one Mehil post about the scare ware and i think he is rigth, most antivirus or security products bring us incomplete protection and scare us to paid for the most expensive protection I see to much fórums and they dont acept sugerences and always says “your computer is bad the antivirus are well”. In some chases some features of the another products dont work like mail or web shield. in contrast comodo are too reactive and proactive, i am happy to see the eicar test was detected when i click to download the test file and como inmediatily sends to quarintine. I dont know about the configuration of of firewall and dont know how to decide about the popups and dont like it allow anything to avoid popups, but the virus free guarantee and the inmediatly support in the forum gives me peace on mind and the quality of product gives me peace on mind too. I think the security was a rigth not a luxury think or vanity . The users and the CEO shows me that, and i am not fanboy, i only trust in thats thinks i see.

2.- comodo are the only security product who have an option to see if it works well or have erros, i dont see it on bitdefender or on kaspersky or gdata where some features stops to function, sorry to mention the names but i think i must. Comodo brings the security of the product and brings the peace on mind it works well.

3 I see comodo has a great comunity support who report bugs every day report many topics whith diferent escenaries and i think it make a quality product.

4 In comodo forum you help me in another security topics include when i dont use your product. What another company do that?. Its not silent support its a fast support.

5.- Comodo dont need comparatives, only the testimonials are enoug to see is a good product, i dont see too much problems like other security software or forums.

6.- (The devil number jeje) I only think the buddies must improve their capacityes, i see their support not enougt good, but josua (i think that his name) parker and peter are very good create restore points, check well the computer, and are very patient explain the features of product. I dont speak english but they always explain me the configuration options and his consecuences to my perfomance and protection. (Sin embargo) (Spanish) I think they must specialice in complex problems like driver updates (they can not help me as i expect), to tell me what are trusted files (only one in the support can help me whith that). Optimize the pc because some times erase important registry entries. Dont send me to help page, and explain me i dont know somethings and dont understand the consecences always (only one in the support explainme that).

7.- Respect the forum some times i think you are a litle agresive (Take as a construc critic), (sobretodo, spanish) when some one inexpert ask something i see one post where someone says “In comodo we not are your servants”, and in my chase you know what happened. I see criticism to another products very hard critics. I think the constructive critics are better.

I think you not are a company, you are a mass moviment and think thats most valuable, any company can sell products but not all companies search the free security, the real security, see the security as a rigth. I think you are great, forum, company and buddies. Please dont decrece your quality and make your work whith happines and compromise.

I am so proud ( orgulloso spanish) to let me stay here and want to know how to help more users, send more bugs, send malwaresamples, send view points. If its a movimient as I think i wish to be involved of your entusiasm and help you as you help me every time.

Note: The new offer comodo send me dont have expiration date, i think it be specified to dont have missunderstanding or complains, i hopey you take it in consideration (The comodo staff team). I dont want to have conflicts i only want make comodo more good if its are posible.

Thank you to all, the buddies, the forum and all users and this great comunity

Thanks Alberto and welcome to the forums.

Open discussions are always welcomed here on the Comodo forums, even when those discussions are about what Comodo are doing wrong or what they could do better.

You are right when you say that the forums do sometimes get a bit aggressive (members and moderators equally). I can only speak from the moderators perspective and any aggression we may use is only done to maintain stability and harmony across the forums - sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind.

The moderators prime intent is to allow these forums to grow as a community of learning and sharing and we are grateful to Comodo for both providing these forums and allowing us to participate.

We hope you enjoy your time here. If it makes it easier, there is a Spanish language sub-board on the forums -

Again, welcome and feel free to ask for any assistance when needed.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I find the comodo Forums a very positive environment for the most part, nothing is perfect. The mods are very helpful, they are quick to step in is a discussion get’s out of had. Not only that, Most of the users that post regular are very kind to each other and are willing to help those who do need it. I also like seeing the CEO, Melih participate in these forums and help as well. It isn’t just volenteers and customers, comodo’s staff to help out here and there.

Welcome Alberto! I found your comments very interesting and helpful. I am nothing to do with Comodo nor this forum, I’m an ordinary end-user like you but I agree with much of what you have to say. I especially like and agree with the part about Comodo being “…a mass movement…” and I think you are right, and that is the difference (for me anyway) that Comodo brings. When I post here (which is rarely) I feel that I am listened to and valued.

Don’t pay too much attention to what you see as “aggressive” or unfriendly posts on here. I belong to other fora (non-computing) where flame-wars are almost a way of life. These fora are a paradise by comparison!

Welcome again and enjoy the community… :slight_smile:

Hi guys and one excuse for the moderators because i dont have time to close all my topics but all their are solved, and you can close them, or notify me what topics i dont close, please help me in that, i am a bussy person and always forgot that details.

I open this topic because in the past topic i still agresive and unfriendly sorry i am human and desesperated and i want to show you my high expectatives from comodo.

The forum are a very nice place of discusion, i never see a forum where aborden o traten (spanish) topics from another security products, i think its most valuable in the forum and very altruist job.

Comodo caracterises for express and fast answers and thats are good.

Respect to forum i must say i have much to learn, i think i dont know nothing, about valkire about dns, about cleaning essentials, about compatibility whith other security softwares, about the gurarantee, about the departaments, about the ways to colaborate…

I see comodo have some bugs specially in non start products like ice dragon or comodo dragon, the development of system utilities appears stops, the comodo program manager not present a version compatible whith windows 8, but i think the worst problem on comodo are the crazy fp.

I must say two things about comodo and hope you take in consideration first i must say you I use comodo from version 3 or 4 and it appear a great antivirus and firewall program the buddies support are free and they help me much times but now i dont find they help too helpful, ok, the thing i must to say i use comodo from version 3 to version 5.10 and never has infected, and never see a malfunction on my pc, and whith the use the alerts and other things will be rutinary and easy to me.

I am kaspersky user (always use kaspersky before use comodo and use comodo when i dont have money to buy kasper) i see the comodo protection superior, and the support, the human part here in forum and in buddies are the perfect complement, but the most important are the compromise whith the security what you show.

I want to help to report bugs to help to developers to fix it and bring some sugestions about interface, and send as much samples as are posible to create a consistent whithe and black list, please notify me how can i help in that way, and what more i have to know to help more.

I have some coments and worte it to quickly please dont missunderstanding or think i dont follow the protocol for be a lazzy person or to pretend be “important” please my contributions are litle but i want you take in consideration.

1.- My first critic are the buddies, i feel they dicrese their quality service, someone says one thing and someone says another and someone arriesgate to take the responsability to do anythings and another elude this. I have a chase whith Sarah Who can not say me how to revoke and recreate a certficate and jonas or joshua say me where i must comunicate (the certificate canot be revoked or created are a comodo server error, because i know my revokation password and i do this process too much times), second Manny dont arriesgate to trust or no trust in rate file scaning but another guy check every file on virus total and add the trusted files to trusted list. Someones buddies dont hear and want take remote and dont let explain problems or act whitout consentimient of usser. Someones are good someones are bad, and we need the same support not ask for one or another. In bullguard Andrea Ostache and Robert Matetsu are the only ones who solve problems the anothers give guides or another things. I dont speak english and i need a buddie who explain me some ones are patient some others says me “read the manual”.

2.- I see a bug on dragon browser comodo dragon based on chrome when you changue seetings in about:flags it send a error, that says dont find some file, a buddy tries installing and reinstaling and dont solve the problem from the 23 version please i can not give all details only i have the default configuration no other security products and not cleaners or something like that, my laptop are lenovo g470 and 475 whith windows 8 pro 32 bits, please try to enable spdy 3 on dragon browser from about:flags to see the error.

3.- The AV works well but dont allow to send or submit files i try to submit files a largue amount of files and i dont see in the registers it was send to you, please improve the registers to send files and please add this to your whithe list as you promise (i dont talk to forum users, talk about comodo staff) two years ago i send my audio driver because its considered unknow and its sandboxed and now happen the same it not add to whithe list or black list, are unknow.

4 I suggest you the scan results can be uploaded to one server to improve your virus database.

5 The AV dont shows what are scaning memory registry or files for one largue time (One hour aprox) scan files or something but i dont know what and i like to know.

6 My mother uses this computer and not have option on hips to show only hingly suspicious events only allow all or deny all or high amount of alert who are incomprensible for comon user or midle experiment user something i dont know what decide in firewall pop ups and i dont think allow all are the best way to protect the people, i configurate it in safe mode hips and fw but buddies (aconsejaron) spanish sugest me allow all to dont see pop ups. I want to have midle control in my security product not total control not nule control.

Thats some suggestions, and i hope result helpful to the company comunity and all.

IF somebody see this issues please i suplice (suplico) (spanish) ask can report, i try to report this whith the protocol to report bugs but if i can not i (agradesco) spanish somebody can do it

I am teacher wirter and sociologist research i am very bussy but i say you that because i want to improve your product I know you not are my servants, i ask it as a favor, and hope like comunity help one each other.

I will try to report and post it where is apropiated. If somebody can do it please and if somebody can say me how or where I do it.

Thank you and thank you to all to your kindly coments and replys.

I post soon a review of comodo on trustpilot and another review on hispasoftware where i am member thank you to all and God Bless you.