My trusted zones appear not to work

Here’s the story.

My network is 192.168.168.x

My file server/print server is
My Windows machine running the fw is

My zone is defined as:
Zone Name: local
Start Range:
End Range:

My rules show
IP out source any destination local
IP in source local destination any
where proto is any (for both)
Further down I have tcp/udp from any to any

However, I cannot connect to a remote drive on and I cannot print either unless I turn off the firewall. I can create rules for ports 139 and 445 however that defeats the object of a trusted zone.

What have I missed? with APp DB 3.0 on WinXP SP2 fully patches with user with admin privs.

I seem to run in a similar problem but I fear it’s due to my non-understanding of the Comodo concept (being a former ZoneAlarm user etc. etc.)…

I’ve just resolved a similar … possibly the same … problem. Here are the steps I took to resolution:
LAN out despite RULES & ZONE troubleshooting

After some more digging around, I am able to ping the other server but I cannot connect to it via NetBIOS. I can access the system from another machine without a problem. In fact, I can telnet to port 445 on the host without a problem.

If I try to use Start > Run > \server I just get
“The network location cannot be reached. For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help”.

The NetBIOS over tcp/ip is enabled and running in services.

As far as the firewall, I only have 1 blocked application in the application monitor, everything in the component monitor is turned on (and it is in learn mode - also tried with it turned on)

I don’t even see anything in the logs that indicate a connection attempt was made.

I restored from a previous restore point and everything work and then, for some unknown reason, it went back to a non working state. The firewall application is screwing around with netbios/ file sharing.

Well, it seems like Comodo Firewall has TOTALLY hosed my NetBios over TCP/IP. Even going through the winsock reinstall, reinstalling the network card, pretty much everything has failed to get it working again. I’ve been fixing computers for over 20 years and I’ve never seen a piece of software bork a network stack like this.

Hi nelgin.

Sorry to hear your having so many problems, perhaps we can sort things out. First up, I’ll need some information regarding your system(s) and some log data. Please see this post for what and how to post this information.

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I think I fixed the problem. I removed the trusted zones from the firewall

Then I reinstalled the Winsock and ip stacks using the following

netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ip reset reset.log

Rebooted, and recreated my trusted zone.

Now it seems to be working. I’ll report back if it goes bad again.

Now it seems to be working. I'll report back if it goes bad again.

Glad you’ve found a solution :slight_smile: