My Trusted files list automatically getting full of new entries

Since the last update I noticed that in Trusted files list appeared a huge number of applications, they have been automatically added to the list. Applications that after the update haven`t been started are also there, comodo files as well (screenshots attached).
Is this the new version meant to be or there is a problem on my side?

XP SP3, Avira 10 Free, Firewall custom policy, Defense Safe mode/all the options under the slider unchecked, Execution control enabled/Treat unrecognized files as untrusted/all the other options checked, Sandbox Disabled, Monitoring settings all checked

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Hi Bruja,

You’re not the only one to have noticed that. Others, including me, have reported it on the topic related to the release of version 5.4.

Maybe we’ll get soon an explanation of the new functioning of the Trusted Files list.


Thank you, I`ve missed it.

Here is the explanation:

Oki thanks for this

Hi EricJH

Thanks for the explanation as I had noticed this also. I think “Trusted Files” should be split into two. One showing files that are added manually by the user and the other, files that are added automatically by CIS.