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reading this forum & wilders you begin to think about all the security software that we have & what it does , and I started to wonder why is all that security defensive , now you may say why not ? and you may be right , but what if we develope security software that goes on the offensive instead of defense. we have planes to shoot down other planes , we have missles to shoot down other missles so why go on the defensive side thinking you are going to win. if we could come up with a virus that attacks other viruses it would be very interesting to watch or a
virtualization program that changes codes daily just like the enigma in the second world war used by the Germans it would make it impossible to penetate that shield.
love to hear opposing views , be safe and God Bless.

Mainly, Don’t Fight Fire With Fire…

Question for you… Would you rather get hurt in trying to fight?
or just block your self with near to perfect shield and live?

both in military and computer world… i would say stay behind the shield…
because soon enough… the bad guys will run out of missles…
Thats the difference between whitelist and blacklist…
Black Hat and White Hat Hackers…

trying to most simple as i can :slight_smile:


I’ve actually shared this thought a few times before, and in the end, I agree with CGP. The best defense isn’t always a good offense because creating such program would (further) reveal your PC’s presence on the internet. The best defense is one where you don’t “exist” on the internet 8).

What is the difference between defensive and offensive?

Pls give me an example of the difference between methods of protection/security against someone who writes a malware and how you would deal with that in both defensive and offensive methods?

Does Prevention vs Detection make more sense rather than defensive and offensive?


Well in the PC world I agree with you.

But as a 7 year Martial Artist, Simply kick the… You get the point! :slight_smile:


Onine or offline - the greatest power any person can display is restraint.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Self Defense!

I don’t start fights at all… I only finish them. :slight_smile:


Its good to hear from everyone & I agree with you all but in todays world it seems like we are coming up with different softeware and every day someone who is really smart in a bad way finds a way to ■■■■■ that softeware ,
it seems like a alot of malware is getting in from the browser please correct me if I’m wronge and thats where the offensive begins , shielding yourself from a ■■■■ you know sooner or latter you’re going to get one.
If we equipe the servers with offensive tools to track every malware it would be something , now people who write these codes are like terrorist, you know they’re going to strike but you don’t know where. I know the internet is as vast as the heavens , thats why we have a company like Comodo , I like to thank everyone of you for a job well done.
p.s. Melih you worked for the British goverment in the security field I’m sure
you’ll come up with something.
many thanks