My thoughts on Comodo's purpose/objective

Computer Security should not be the primary concern of Comodo.

The primary concern should be Control: Not Control for Comodo, not Control for private companies and other third party’s, but Control for the end user.

Computer Security just protects Control.

Keeping people/individuals in Control of access to their Personal Computer should be the primary concern of Comodo.

Is there an option to disable TVL and add my trusted publishers?

Not in this release No…


Go paranoid with D+, TVL list problem solved. Thank you.

Computer Security SHOULD be the PRIMARY concern of Comodo.
Because it affects ALL of us…
We share, we talk, we help, we fight, we Comodo.
A secure family for everyone…

Computer Security protects Control. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be Computer Security. At least, not unless the Computer was 100% autonomous; requiring absolutely no user input, and giving absolutely no out-put, from “birth” to “death”.

[b]Once the first calculators become mainstream, mathematicians quickly became dependant on them.

Computers are becoming an extension of the human brain; and not just for mathematicians.

Taking control of a PC away from the modern day man is wrong.

The user should be in control.[/b]

??? Not sure I’m keeping up ???

His point is, that as we depend on computers for daily tasks and/or entertainment, we, users, should be let in control of how we use it, in all aspects, including security.
Let’s see visually what he meant:

I understand his first point. It’s the incongruous allusions to mathematicians/calculators, computers as extension of human brain (and now also the intellectual rigor of GW Bush ;D) that I’m struggling with.

For the first part, extension of human brain:

As for Bush’s intelligence, well, the man stayed in the office with no impeachment or assassination attempt while doing what he did best, presidential with humor. And, he achieved being more interesting to listen to than BarryO!
My pic of him was illustration that we should keep control of our pc and decide what to do, hence the decider thing :wink:

Well I for one absolutely get the point.

Control was the ‘selling’ point for me when comparing Comodo to other security products.

Comodo is about security. So are other security software developers. The thing that sets them apart is the control given to the user. Well… one of the things.

And those other things are…
1: Interaction of the CEO/Devs to the forum members on a daily basis
2: Constant product improvements
3: Development of new programs
4: Free
5: Friendly and helpful environment that is this place
6: One of the strongest, if not strongest, complete security package
7: Comodo listens to the community and problems do get fixed reasonably fast
8: Trustworthy
I’m gonna let somebody fill in 9 and 10, gotta jet to work ;D

I’m pleased to see that GakunGak and glifford seem to see the general point clear enough. :slight_smile:

A calculator is an extension of a mathematician’s brain - because the ‘thought process’ and the ‘conclusion’ includes, and depends on, the use of the ‘hardware’ (‘software’ if imagined as a computer’s OS): If you took away his calculator, the whole ‘thought process’ could still happen in his head, but that would “be evil”; to use Google’s famous terminology.

Eli Pariser mentions the Control aspect in a good way here…

This is the top comment with 56 thumbs up…

If google wanted to be fair in this, they should have an option on the google search page. 'Smart search’ and ‘Normal search’. Were smart search filters based on your personalized filter, and the normal one doesn’t filter at all.
People want their Control back.