my surfing gets blocked, I can't tell why [Resolved]

I took out Norton security suite except GoBack, put in Kaspersky and Comodo a few days ago. After surfing usually on google for just a few minutes, I get locked out of the internet. The only way to get back on is to reboot, which itself is problematic: I get a few “XPCOM: eventrecorder not responding” messages and the reboot takes 10 minutes. (Twice during reboot I got a blue screen message about something trying to write to a read only section, which I think must be GoBack. )

Can someone help me? Where do I start?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum! While I am not 100% sure, this usually points to Mozilla apps. Do you run Firefox? I do know this XPCOM is also related to Python, pyXPCOM. The write to a read only section is I “think” a programming or script error. Anyway I could guess until i’m blue in the face here, but did you install any new drivers recently?

Here’s what i’d like to ask of you, OS version, PC make\model, Ram\Hard disk\securities\do you have updates? \ and what do you run that requires python, etc…or games \drivers you may have changed o r uninstalled or installed. Post event viewer logs.

Have you tried a simple system restore to a point before this? This will solve an issue many times.



Thanks for reply. Two notes:

First, I rebooted to an earlier point just now. Now it says Kaspersky. needs latest signatures, but after choosing to update, it fails half way, saying signature is incorrect.Try again, same thing. Maybe I need to reinstall Kaspersky?

Second, I looked into the event log, and it is comodo blocking up networking because there are no rules for UDP incoming. I guess I need to create more rules? IS there a criteria for doing so?

I am win xp w/pack 2, dell P4 530, 1G ram, 160G Serial ATA hard drive, Kaspersky. Windows updates automatically.

Thanks, rocks

Hi , the rules should be as such to get you started.“included screenshot” When you installed CFP did you choose Auto? Kaspersky needs a good uninstall and cleanup then reinstall, yes.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes, I reinstalled Kaspersky, and it updated fine.

Thanks for your screen shot. When I set up rules, is there any criteria for what to allow in each field? Perhaps I have to do some research on how to do this? Yes, I chose auto…

The first two are my nic card which obviously would take a priority, and if I expand the info it shows in \out for my home network. Other than that, just set the rules as seen, no certain input and you can always edit later if need be.


Ok, my network rules were pretty similar to yours, but I don’t have your rule 1.

And after getting blocked again, I went to IE, and it went through. So you were probably right the first time, it is Firefox. Should I use only IE then? Although perhaps I should see if IE gets blocked after browsing awhile…?

Here’s the thing, I don’t use Firefox 2.0 or above or I get the same, or crashes all the time. I went back to 1.5 . In your application monitor though, you should see if Firefox is blocked or not, as well, I would uninstall Firefox and reinstall and see what happens.

Edit: no , you shouldn’t have my rule 1 unless you are on a home network. :wink:

I finally figured it out. I have installed Kaspersky Internet Security Suite (download), not antivirus, so it has its own firewall. So I had two firewalls going, counting Comodo, causing the stoppages. Thanks for your help.