My subscription to Boclean is going to expire?[Resolved]

I got the Comodo version. How can It expire???

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Have you read the announcement?

Today we have updated BOClean setup to 4.25, this has been done as we found that all the previous versions of BOClean had buffer overflow vulnerability and therefore had to take this as extreme measure.

Therefore we no longer support 4.22, 4.23 and 4.24 versions. Everyone must update to V4.25

Greetings … I’m the cause of all that. Your subscription isn’t going to expire, it’s a lifetime subscription. However ALL previous copies of BOClean have to be expired as a result of a problem in all copies from the PSC 4.09 version all the way up to COMODO BOClean 4.24. All that message means is that you need to upgrade (it’s FREE) to the new BOClean 4.25 version. Uninstall the existing one, install the new one and everything’s cool once again. Sorry for the inconvenience, we spotted a potential exploit and want to ensure that no one gets victimised in the future and that’s why we needed to pull the plug on ALL previous versions of BOClean since this risk is now fixed in the 4.25 version.

Was also amused in visiting other places and seeing some of the reactions that this is some sort of evil plot to get rid of the earlier versions and get everyone onto COMODO. But we also had to replace the COMODO ones based on the earlier code as well. Another theory blown to Hades. :slight_smile:

But if you go here, you can get your free replacement. There’s also instructions on how to do this if you need them …

404 file not found

Would be nice if the link worked.

Works here.

Link OK here too. :slight_smile:

I’ve GOT to offer a tip of the hat to the server farm folks at COMODO though for me, it’s been a love-hate relationship at times. Given the sheer number of folks downloading BOCleans, I’m amazed it has stayed up at all. I know the servers PSC had been using would have folded again and again and just DIED from all the traffic as a result of needing to replace ALL of the BOCleans out there all at once. Despite the various complaints, I think it’s time to stand up and offer a round of applause to Michael, Norm and the rest of the glitter geeks trapped in the onion cellar. :slight_smile:

I’d also like to extend my thanks to Umesh, Baskar, Ramanan, Suresh and Venkat for their EXTREME efforts to help me coordinate everything during the 48 hours it took from discovery of the problem to a VERY smooth transition and release of 4.25! The problem which was repaired will be explained at a later time once we’re certain that everyone who have BOClean 4.24 or earlier has been swapped out. The problem which caused all of this was in BOClean’s code since the 4.09 version and it was never successfully exploited despite the old, bad code. But now that it made itself visible to us, it was only a matter of time.

Finally, wish to thank MELIH for throwing everything and everybody he had at my disposal and the good will of EVERYBODY at COMODO for allowing me to take a rather large company of HUNDREDS of people and get this all done in record time. Show me any OTHER midsized corporation with a bureaucracy that can do ANYTHING in less than 48 hours … guys? I’m HUMBLED!

So if anyone trying to get their replacement runs into a 404 or “not responding” I can only offer those sage words, “please try again in a few minutes.” COMODO’s people are TRULY on the ball and the fact that the ship didn’t sink with all these downloads is testimony to a level of professionalism that brings a tear to my eye. Bravo, guys! =)

Sounds like a story that should be told, I can’t wait to hear it.

I never got any notice from BOC v4.22 stating I needed to update ??? I just noticed today that my definitions were 6 days old :-\

Bye bye cute little vacume cleaner… hello big ugly broom ! (:SAD)

Realy sad that you need to post this.

Greetz, Red.

Sorry for this, tech-addict, you should install version 4.25 and you’ll be safe.


Hmmm… what’s really sad is that you needed to post that ^ :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not here ragging on anybody or anything… I was just posting information about not being informed about the need to update, and since I was here… I figured I’d voice my opinion about the new systray icon too.

Have a good day !

I am sorry, but I misunderstood your post :-[ I thought you where just another Troll bashing Comodo, but you are not :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Which is worse,a troll or a fanboy?

Quad erat demonstandum :wink:

Your attempt at Latin is a bit off.It is Quod not Quad,ps. Nothing proved as it was just a question.

I believe the OP’s question has been answered.
I apologize for not locking this sooner to prevent the inevitable droppings from the few who have nothing better to do than troll our forum.
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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. :wink:

My answer, and I stress that this is just my personal opinion, is that either is no better or no worse than the other. They tend to be either end of the spectrum, while the majority of people seem to feel most comfortable somewhere around the middle.

Regardless, they are both people and are equally deserving of a bit of tolerance and mutual respect.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S> [at] ~cat~ - it was a typo on my behalf that he correctly corrected and he was just asking a question, albeit a (IMHO) frivolous one.