My settings keep changing

As I noted in another thread, I have made some configuration changes and then saved the active profile. Later I imported that profile, but the changes I had made were not there.

Yesterday, I added rules for several programs, but today when I started up, the new rules were not there. and the old rules for those applications had returned.

What is the proper method for saving changes and exporting/importing profiles.


Are you activating the profile once it’s been imported?

The internet security profile is listed as “active” and that is the one I am importing. It still says “active” after I import it. Do I still need to activate it even though it has the word active next to it? That would be confusing.

Any idea why some of my rules have changed after I restart?


You need to ‘re-activate’ the profile after importing, otherwise it will continue to use the existing settings. If changes you’ve made are not showing up after import, it’s probably because the system is still using the old profile. I agree it could be better implemented.

I went through this just yesterday. I installed an image that was three days old which did not have a few updated settings for the firewall I had changed over that period.

I “imported” the saved configuration from a thumb drive and after import I didn’t see the changed settings.

I did it again and this time “activated” the profile and all was well. Doing so saved a bit of muttering and frustration that was about to ensue.

I agree, the process could be slightly more straightforward but all’s well that end’s well.

Well that explains that at least. It would make more sense to deactivate the existing profile when you import and over write one of the same name. That would remove the “active” flag and the user could be prompted to activate a profile if they try to close the window without doing so. I guess they are allowing you to import a profile that you are not necessarily going to use immediately.

Any ideas on why my settings are not staying the same after restart? Am I not saving my changes properly somehow?


Can you provide any additional detail about the missing settings. Essentially, if you’ve added/changed something and then applied the change, it should stay.

I see you are importing another profile under an existing name. May be that’s where it goes wrong.

Try importing the configuration under a different name, f.e. CIS Internet Security Test, and activate it. Then try again.