My review

Hi everyone,

First post at the forums ;). Got a friendly email from Comodo after I emailed them some feedback, that they have these forums as well.

I tried out Comodo Firewall the other day and realized soon after that this is a great product.

I wrote a little review of my experience at my blog about it (link at the end of post), but I’ll summarize here what I tought:

I’ve been using Sygate Personal Firewall for a long time, even tough it’s no longer developed. It’s been stable and still gave me ability create custom firewall rules. Not something you’d find in for example free Zonealarm.

Comodo has the same features and more. I would most recommend it for power users, who prefer to get lots of information/flexibility out of their firewall, but at the same time - it does provide enough assistance for non-technical users.

Comparing Comodo to other free firewall software, it is definitely a top choice.

So, thanks again for a great product :slight_smile:

Well, that sums CPF up very nicely. Enough said. (:LGH)
And welcome to the forum!