My review of COMODO internet security

I have test COMODO internet security ;D against 16 viruses 88) and it only missed one of them :slight_smile: I have uploaded my test as a video one the youtube please comment and rate my video if you hve an account on the youtube ;D

watch it from over here: COMODO internet security review, test - YouTube


Wich language is that on the video?

Don’t worry about my computer language 88) it’s arabic, Is this video is hard to understand? ???

No. It’s clear. But it’s far from being brilliant.

The problem is that YouTube is full of such video/reviews. And some are quite good like mrizos, PegHorse, Languy99, cotojo1253, etc.

You face a tough competition.

I’ll say not bad, Its a great effort by you.

The only suggestion: That 1 virus that was left over, Could have been executed so MEMORY SCANNER has a chance of catching it (Since here you are testing purely AV detection and not rest…) CIS can catch malware at memory also. :wink: So for AV Sake, right click scanning can be first step, then executing left over malware can be next step and see if Memory Scanner can catch something.

However, your review is worthy… Since it, I’ll use the HOSPITALITY terminology contrasts other threads also on how well the AV has developed such as this thread and this one also.

So well done for providing another source on Comodo’s AV detection. It does help. :slight_smile: Keep it up mate.


Sorry but I am not an expert like those guys I am only 14 :-\

I knew If I opped it COMODO’ d+ FW and the memory scanner may catch them but I scared to risk my computer I don’t use virtual machine because my computer memory is only 248 mb!!!

Hi ahmedhhw,

No intention to discourage you - you are only 14 (not bad … I want my few years back ;D )

… but seriously - neither this nor other video-reviews impressed me at all.

1st, that is not easy to watch and understand what is going on.
(I know, some limitation of Tube & stuff…and so on…)

Most importantly, when performing tests like this you have to explicitly show the infections you are talking about and sure the active infection is more important then just scanning.

AVs - any (stressing) are basically pathetic, because the main danger is in zero-day & hour( minute?)
So, the results can change within a minute. Therefore all those on-line scanning & submitting files are not really reliable /…could be FP could be the real one

Now about your latest video.

Let’s say I am pessimistic and cynical by nature, but that doesn’t mean a thing in a hundred years.

You showed some compressed files (RARs) & scanned them … big deal

I would say - all those flaggings that you’ve deleted are FPs

Yes, 15 files and there content are legitimate

The one that was left … hmmm… - you said that it is a virus missed by Comodo - I would say - No , that is correct that Comodo did not flag it.

Why not?

There is no methodology in any of the tests performed - that is a problem.

But again you are “The Young And The Restless”.… so, you will learn
and probably Comodo will hire you so “Days Of Our Lives” will be malware free… soon ;D

I’m not voting. The reasons:

  1. I’m not using Comodo’s AV in the 1st place and not going to;
  2. cannot find the review(s) objective & helpful.


p.s. !ot! the creators of the above TV shows that came to my mind as an association must be punished severely!
They have to be convicted committing one of the worse crimes ever - “wasting viewers’ time”. The verdict: solitary confinement ; no conjugal visits and watching their own “masterpieces” 24/7 :smiley:

Ok ok I’ll try to improve my reviews next time see you soon!!!

Can’t login the website??
What is the video all about? ???

just click on this website ;):COMODO internet security review, test - YouTube


It is good to know from your test, COMODO 3.14 do a good job against your 16 test samples.

From looking MRG testing report, their samples were just 2 times than you have. They have a very clear testing methodology than what have you shown in your video. My feeling is that

  1. they have more clearer statement than you have.
  2. they show comparative result among several key anti-virus/malware against the activate the virus programs.

Thanks man

1- for your opinion
2-for the good information