My reasons for staying

I have made this thread because I am officially staying on the Comodo forums and NOT leaving. The reasons are the following:

  1. I like it here
  2. My feelings are NOT hurt.
  3. I’m bored
  4. Ganda can be avoided if I time it right :wink:
  5. I haven’t been banned

Thank you and hello. ;D

Okay, your reasoning seems solid. I guess I’ll stay too.;D

Oh, and about this.

Just wait till Ganda finds out you think you can avoid him. I think your blasphemy will cause you to quickly move up on ‘the list’. >:-D Wait and see.

I’ve been on the “list” for a while now. ;D

Okay, so that’s 2 of us staying. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been staying for a long time now (despite the bans) so I guess I’ll stay. 88)

Great. If your still here after your “experiences” you’re invaluable…also…you seem to be Ganda’s kryptonite. :smiley:

Krypton: An inert gaseous element (symbol Kr; atomic no 36) present in the air in extremely small quantity, used in fluorescent lights and lasers. ???


Wow. I did not not know that. Should we start out “LaserWraith for Mod” campaign now or later? ;D

It may do more harm than good. :stuck_out_tongue:

In addition, some people think my mouth is on a loose hinge. :o

My list:

  1. Great community
  2. Relaxed conversation
  3. Chat with the company CEO [how many security forums do that?]
  4. Knowledgeable folks providing assistance
  5. You learn something new every day


How did you unearth that post? :stuck_out_tongue: Makes me think twice about my decision not to delete all my old posts. 88)

And there was me thinking that it was…


That was 2008. >:(

mod edit: Sorry, I couldn’t find any from 2007. kail

Wow. You’re past is catching up with you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are y’all saying that Jeremy would “compromise” the forum’s future or do you just not want him to see the Ganda behind the curtain? ;D

My reasons for staying
>:-D Because nobody has banned me >:-D .....yet...

You really should not tempt fate (ganda) on this particular board. :-X

Hi Kail, still waiting on admins concerning my PM to you about killing my account 88) >:(
I was serious BTW

Don’t worry, I have a few ■■■ waiting too. No notice back, like usual. 88)

Unread self destructive PM’s?

Erm… I never thought you were not serious Sorcerer (although appearances seem to indicate otherwise - ie. you’re still here). The Admins were advised of your request. Perhaps they didn’t believe me because your last active date keeps updating. 88) I mean, if your leaving… you sort of leave. Don’t come back. But, this is not the ideal place (the My reasons for staying topic!) to discuss your leaving I suspect. You could PM me… or anybody else if you wanted. Of course, that would imply that you haven’t gone at all. Obviously. :slight_smile: :wink:

So, intentional topic pollution eh? That’s works for me. I guess I could ban you for life, if you asked. Very nicely. :slight_smile:

I told you, I don’t approve of accounts being deleted, it makes it hard for the users to find useful information. I will not delete your account. Trash the email address and never login again. But, at least start your own topic rather than hijacking this one please. Thanks.

edit: Also, you’ve forgotten something Sorcerer. This is ganda’s board! I’ll shall so set ganda on you if you don’t play nice.