my radio interview with Computer America Radio Station

Host Carey Holzman interviewed me on the Computer America show . Its a cool show for Computer releated stuff and you do learn lots of cool stuff! I did :slight_smile:

Check their station, they are the longest running Radio Computer Show in the USA (I think something like 16 years!)

Go ahead listen and even interact with them thru the chat functionality…



Nice one :wink:
Too bad for the comercials, America lol. Sounds like a nice radio too.

good interview melih well done,it seems comodo is heading in the right direction with its software with the firewall catchin on with everyone and with time the antiviruspyare may also,well done

It was only a throw-away line in the interview, but my ears pricked up - centralised management in V3?? Too cool, Melih - can’t wait to see how this has been implemented.

Good interview BTW. Very interesting stuff.

Ewen :slight_smile:

So, you want to analyse every file that is submitted within 20 to 30 minutes? That sounds quite ambitious. :o But even if you pull that off, the updated information won’t be available to the user who sent it to you that fast. Or will it? When will it be added to the database? The next day?

Well, 20-30min is an ideal situation… we are aiming for that, whether achievable or not we’ll find out…
because the lookup will be web based, it will be immediately available to everyone…



Good job man…I think this will increase the size of the comodo family :slight_smile:
BDW he cldn’t keep his promise right? with the way your name is pronounced!!! he he…:slight_smile:

I had no idea, either! BTW, Melih, you sounded quite polite (:AGL).

Thanks Damitha… thanks Soya :wink: