my protected files

in defense+ -my protected files it says you can add files and folders so they cant be modified,i added a folder i have in my documents to the list by going my protected files-add-browse and selected the folder but im still able to delete the folder and files inside,am i doing something wrong with the settings?

From the help file:

This section allows you to protect specific files and folders against unauthorized modification. Protecting files prevents modification by malicious programs such as virus, trojans and spyware. It is also useful for safeguarding very valuable files (spreadsheets, databases, documents) by denying anyone and any program the ability to modify the file - avoiding the possiblity of accidental or deliberate sabotage. If a file is ‘Protected’ it can still be accessed and read by users, but not altered. A good example of a file that ought to be protected is the your ‘hosts’ file. (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts). Placing this in the ‘My Protected Files’ area would allow web browsers to access and read from the file as per normal. However, should any process attempt to modify it then Comodo Firewall Pro will block this attempt and produce a ‘Protected File Access’ pop-up alert.

From this description it seems that the protection is from outside forces, not you.


isnt deleting a file unauthorized modification?

I would think it would depend on who or what is doing the deleting.
You should be able to do what you want: even delele: they are YOUR protected files.


o ok i see what your sayin,thanks

I guess your file manager (e. g. explorer.exe) has appropriate rights to delete/modify those files. You can change permissions for it anytime.