My Protected Files settings

I am adjusting the entries in My Protected Files and have a question.

I have included C:*.txt in a group but it seems to detect changes to ALL text files in any sub-folder of C:, not just the one’s in the root. Can somebody please tell me how to protect all .txt files in root folder only. The wildcard doesn’t function as I would expect. Is there a guide somewhere?

It would be nice to be able to set CREATE,READ,MODIFY,DELETE file options in a similar way to EQSecure.

I have started using Comodo again after a period away. I tried to import some old settings I had but they wouldn’t import. Is there a 100% reliable way of saving all my settings? Is there a config file I can backup? I do not want to spend a lot of time setting rules only to find that I cannot recover them.

You can export your settings and import them under miscellaneous\manage my configurations. As far as the adding files to my protected files did you read the “help” section?

Thanks for reply.

I did use the method suggested for importing the saved configurations but it didn’t work. Maybe because I exported them from an older version of Comodo. I do want a 100% reliable method for saving my config’s.

I searched the help sections of this forum and the help file that came with Comodo. Couldn’t find anything that answered my question.

The older version is probably why it doesn’t work. Try it now. I just exporting my setting to my documents.

Is there anybody who can answer my question on protected files? I want to protect exe, dll, sys files etc in root only.

This can’t be done and has already been wish listed.

It is a bad idea to have files in C:. Normally all files are in sub directories and so this is less of a problem.

Thanks for that answer. I don’t think malware would be fussy where it plants it’s files. Hopefully Comodo will improve the file/folder and registry protection up to the level of EQSecure. That would make it an irresistible product for me.