"My protected files" not protected.

I was playing around with the “my protected files” option of the firewall. I set a word perfect 10 file as protected then attempted to modify it and I could without any warning or notification. Since the my protected files option of D+ is supposed to protect files against modification, shouldnt it have warned or alerted me to this or not have allowed the file to be modified?

I did not modify any programs access rights to allow modification of the file.


In what way did you try to modify it?
Else, what mode do you use for Defense+? Is explorer.exe and/or the executable for the word processing program set as a trusted application?


I modified it by either altering the text (adding lines of text and saving) or by deleting it.
D+ is set to clean PC mode.
explorer.exe is set as a trusted app.

The executable for the word processing app was originally a trusted app. Howerver, to test “my protected files” I removed the app from the trusted list before protecting the document. After I protected the doc and altered it I checked with D+ and the exe was automatically granted custom access and was automatically given access rights to modify the protected file. In the help file for D+ it specified that you had to manually allow a program access rights to a protected file for it to be modified, yet it was granted the rights automatically in my situation.

I think the Defense+ Mode is the problem. In Clean PC Mode CFP will learn the activities of any application that was already installed on the PC at the time of CFPs installation. I don’t think it will work in Safe Mode either, since Word is very likely to be certified & signed by MS. Paranoid Mode is probably what you need for this test. Or… install a new application that is not certified or signed by MS/Comodo (default entries) for this test.

The details of these Modes are in CFPs help.