"My protected files" improvements

I want to use “My protected files” for advanced protection from unknown file-destroyer and file-stealer malware. Nowadays, these two kind of malware became very popular.

I did make a rules for a group files according to help. I must to say, it just working from write protection, not from reading. I was unable create a rule, that will forbid from reading. My test program was able to access to files and read them (of course after creation a proper rules, according to help.)
Also, this mechanism not working, while security level of Defense+ is for example in training or clean pc mode.
It is not good enough, because computer can be infected in this mode and user will be able to lose all his data.
My suggestions:(For moderators:it is one suggestion, i did separate it in 2 parts for better understanding)

  1. Evaluate system rights to this section (I mean “My protected files”) to highest level above all other settings Defense+ (No matter in what level user will choose, “My protected files” will be always protected by user settings. Always!)
  2. To make an option to restrict reading.
    One more check box that we call “reading”.
    Small step, but very strong protection 
    Thanks for reading. Vote “Yes”, if you want that protected files will be really protected!

+1 :slight_smile: