My Problems with CAVS

OK, so I have removed CAVS from my system. I was running the beta version (, and had the following problems:

  1. When I installed it, it opened the systray icon, but I could not open either the main panel itself (nothing happened) or the HELP file (it crashed CAVS).

  2. When gaming online, I was routinely booted from servers due to an error related to the server not being able to access the O/S. This may have been due to BOCLEAN, but I couldn’t tell. I removed both.

I currently run Comodo’s Personal Firewall, and I love it. I’d like to run the whole suite, but until the CAVS version is fixed up, I can’t. Any help would be appreciated.


What antivirus did you use before CAVS? Some are difficult to remove and leftover traces can cause problems with CAVS installation. I recently had a problem similar to yours which was caused by a Norton installation that had not uninstalled as it should have. Even Norton Removal tool did not solve this and I had to search for registry entries and folders and manually remove them.
Autoruns from sysinternals is a good program to help figure out what is starting up when you boot your pc and you can stop obsolete files from starting too.

Did you try installing CAVS in safe mode? This is a good method of installation as there are no conflicts with anything whilst the program is installing. Still got to ensure no remnants from previous antivirus/firewall installs prior to installing CAVS though.