My problems on v3.

This is my problems with v3

  1. The balloon message did not save his position. It’s appears always on the same position and can not see a lot of thinks.

  2. The defense did not have option for ignoring a full path. I am programmer, change lot files, and need some path not to scan at all – huge delay with that.

  3. The user interface is complicate – need to re-arrange the tasks.

  4. Many thinks are not common or have more than one meanings, and can’t understand so easy.

  5. Still no extra options for remote desktop setup.

When I first install it, it crash, then I run it again and all is ok.
I use at the same time the NOD.

And one more think, even with this firewall and nod, a spyware and keyloger gets into my system (I do not know yet how) and I find them my self using the process explorer and autoruns from sysinternals.

I have send to comodo the files for analysis, but I do not know why and how this spyware bypass comodo firewall and make connection to the internet (I found a utl connection to

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