My Predefined Firewall Policies tab is blank

Hello. I’m trying to block all incoming System and Svchost requests.

Under Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Application Rules, if I edit System or Svchost.exe, I can’t select “Use a Predefined Policy” because it is grayed out (see 1st picture). When I look in Firewall/Advanced/Predefined Firewall Policies, there aren’t any (see 2nd picture).

I think I remember there being some policies there before I upgraded to Comodo Firewall v4 but they’re now missing. (Specifically, I’m looking for the “Outgoing Only” policy, which I’d like to apply to the two aforementioned files.)

I’m trying to do what John Buchanan suggested in this Comodo thread (about halfway down) but can’t:

Thanks for any help!


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When you lost (part of) CIS settings due to a crash you can use System Restore to go back to a point before the crash. That works like a charm.

Hi, Eric. Thanks for the reply but there was no crash. I just upgraded from v3 to v4, then later on noticed that the “Predefined Policies” are now gone. It was a while ago, but I think I remember I had to clean v3 off of my system to be able to complete the installation of v4. That is what probably first removed them but not sure why v4 didn’t supply new ones (when I initially installed v3 a long time ago, it gave them to me automatically).

Do you know of a way that I could now repopulate the “Predefined Policies” with the defaults?


You can import a default back up profile and start from scratch. You can find the default back up profiles in the installation folder of CIS. Use Manag My Configuration under More to import.

Not sure how new your installation is but you could try a system restore point from after installing v4. That would save you from having to start from scratch.

Note to all user wanting to update from v3.14 to v4. Don’t uninstall v3 yourself; the installer will take care of it. As a bonus you will find your old v3 configuration in Manage My Configurations of v4. When using your old v3 profile you will miss out on the new protection v4 brings; that’s the trade off.

If you are considering to start clean wait for v5 to arrive at September 14.

Thanks again, Eric. For v5, will we have to completely uninstall v4 (or earlier) before installing v5 or will it be handled automatically (behind the scenes)?


There will be an update from v4 to v5 with the program updater either at 21 or 28 of September.

We don’t know any details of how that will work. May be similar to the v3.14-v4 ? Time will tell.