My personal opinion about Virtual Kiosk...

Hello everybody, it’s been quite a long time the last time I posted a thread here, but that’s because I didn’t have any problems with bugs or security issues. I’ve been using Comodo for at least 5 or 6 years, I never had any problems with bugs or with seurity issues, Comodo always protected me even though I have occasionally visited malware websites just to see how good Comodo is, so far so good.

Here I can see that you put Virtual Kiosk in new Comodo.

Although I like it very much and the whole idea is very attractive to me because I used Sandboxie for years, what I think you need to do is to put restrictions on what malware can do inside the sandbox.

For example one of the best options that Sandboxie has are options to block or allow all programs and whenever you type the process exe that you want to start/run or access the internet, all other processes that you didn’t put in to exclusions are automatically blocked.

I’m not any expert and you don’t have to listen at all, after all I’m just an average user, but from my experience in Sandboxie I can safely tell that configurations and restrictions of blocking/allowing internet access and blocking/allowing start/run of an application can be created very easily.
Unless, you have something else in your mind…

But like I said I haven’t been here for a very long time, so basically I’m not too much informed, so it is very possible I missed something to read.
Thank you for your time and patience.

And whats about antivirus detection?
The kiosk is advertised as a good way for online banking. But if you load something, you can not scan it.

It is no difference if you get hacked in normal environment, or in a virtual one. Just the virtual one can “travel back in time” to a basic state. It can be made safe again with pressing a button so to say.

This is why restrictions, configurations in countless ways are essential on what file or a process inside the sandbox can or cannot do for example if you accidentally download a malware inside the sandbox if that sandbox has restrictions to stop malware to access the internet and if it is also blocked to start/run, than malware cannot do anything malicious inside this sandbox. Than you also have to have the option to automatically delete history, cookies and everything else inside the sandbox as soon as you close firefox, internet explorer, google chrome, or anything on your computer that is sandboxed.

Also configuration and restrictions of each and separate sandbox/sandboxes.