My Pending Files


Im new to Comodo, got it on a friends reccomendation. Its been pretty good so far. But im wondering about this My Pending Files thing.

Basically im doing a masters and im trying to use a piece of software, but it isnt working for me, its a lobby that needs to connect to a server. Im after going into Comodo to see if this is interfering and it might be. On the Summary page under the Proactive section theres a part saying 16 files are waiting my review.

So i open them up and i get a list of files. included in that are the exe and updater softwere for the lobby im trying to connect to. So i think Comodo might be interfering. To tell Comodo that these are okay to execute do i just go to Move To > My Own Safe Files?

If not can someone tell me how to do this?


That is correct.