My Pending Files..

Yesterday in “my pending files” i looked up 2 files.
Then when i pressed “close” i got the popup about if i wanted to submit the files. I clicked on “remember my answer” and clicked on “yes”.

Then i got the “submit results” window, and i clicked close, and got back to the “online lookup results”

When i then clicked “close” to that window to, it submitted the files igain automatic, and i got the “submit results” window igain, and then i could do that over and over. untill i closed Comodo in the tray…

Then i tryed igain, just to see if it did the same, and guess what? It did.!
(but it only happened with thoose 2 files, tryed to do it with some other files, nothing wierd happened, could easily close the windows… Tryed thoose 2 files igain, and guess what? got back in the loop…!

So i tryed to see if i could get that window back so i had to press yes to submit them, but i could not find anywhere, where i could get that window back. So i got angry and restored the configurations i saved ealier… and i had no problems… :slight_smile:

Windows XP 32-bit SP3