My Pending Files - udhisapi.dll

I am using Comodo Firewall Pro version (32 bit, Windows XP SP2) which is set on: Firewall Security Level = Custom Policy Mode, Defense+ Security Level = Clean PC Mode.

It has been working perfectly with the exception of one minor annoyance.

First, I would like to mention, before I shut down my pc each time it is used, I run “CCleaner” (Cleaner and Registery option) to clean up my pc, along with Registry Mechanic.

Each time I open up and use Windows Media Player to play my mp3 music files, Comodo’s Defense+ places the file, C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Application Data\Microsoft\UPnP Device Host\upnphost\udhisapi.dll into the My Pending Files section, listing Company as “Microsoft Corporation”, and Status as “Modified”. I’m sure this file can be trusted and is safe, as it seems to be used in “Plug and Play”. At first, after a Remove, it then returns again after using Windows Media Player. Then I tried a Move to, moving the file into the My Own Safe Files section. That seems to work temporarily until after a short time it simply disappears and reappears again in the My Pending Files section. I’ve tried this following procedure over 10 times already, and the file just continues being placed into the My Pending Files over and over again. I did Submit the file to Comodo to wait and see what that results in, but nothing so far.

In CFP, how can I prevent this file from constantly showing up in My Pending Files? Any solutions? Thanks.


I have the exact same problem, using CFP version on XP pro sp2 32 bit. I must have added this file to my safe files 20+ times to have it return as modified. I have CRC checked udhisapi.dll and the CRC always matches so the file is not being modified. The file version is 5.1.2600.2180 and is always 5.1.2600.2180. I hope to get this fixed as its a pain.

Yes, it is still an issue in CFP version This mainly occurs after running ‘CCleaner’ (both the Cleaner and Registry options) and ‘Registry Mechanic’. Then, when you boot up your PC again and run ‘Windows Media Player’, the file appears in “My Pending Files” as being ‘Modified’. This file originates from “Svchost.exe”, and when I list “udhisapi.dll” as an exception in the “Access Rights” and “Protected Files / Folders” section, it then appears as a D+ ‘Block’. This is a Microsoft file, a trusted file. Why is it an issue at all?

I don’t think this is a really big issue. It happens to me too. I’ve got used to it. Probably this dll is constantly changed by another system component. So despite we move it to the safe list, it will become pending after being modified. Usually I just leave it in the list or simply removing it, not paying much attention to it.

I think this is an issue because any file placed into My Own Safe Files should be “…automatically given Defense+ trusted status”, as the CFP manual indicates. So, the file in question should no longer be appearing in My Pending Files. As I mentioned in my original post, udhisapi.dll appears and reappears in My Pending Files, and disappears from My Own Safe Files respectively.

Although this may seem to be a minor issue, the My Own Safe Files list should function properly, without any exceptions.

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