My Pending files somtimes empties itself

I have had this happen 2 or 3 times now. I have put some of the files back in and they stay so they are not considered safe. As I use clean PC mode this is not very safe. I think one time it happened when I temporarily disabled defence plus but it may have been a coincidence and I could not reproduce it.

Windows 7 64 bit with CIS 4.0.141842.828. AV, firewall and defence+ all active. Defence+ in clean PC mode.

May be the files gets looked up and found safe and moved from My Pending Files?

The stay if I put them back so they are not in the safe list. If I try to do an on line lookup all I get is error.

If it tries to look up automatically perhaps this only works occasionally (once every few months) and the list get cleared.

I had quite a diverse list of files some of which were very obscure.

Please add the information requested here.

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I wonder if you could tell me whether this is resolved in 4.1?

Many thanks


I can’t tell. It only happens very occasionally (2 or 3 time in maybe the last year).

OK plese PM me if it happens again, and post in this thread.

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the pending files is useless it takes forever for a file to be found safe it gets cleared randomly when you try to use it and if a file is found to be “maleware” kiss that file goodbye even if you say no to remove it when you know its a fp

I still have 1 file pending since the 13th No biggie though I now it was safe it was for Nitro pdf reader.