My pending files remains empty / doesn't detect new applications [RESOLVED]

CFP - - XPSP2.

I’ve extracted a zip file with a new program (winhex 14.7) in it and put it in a folder, My Pending Files no longer detect this, in the previous version this worked fine.

Defence+ = Paranoid.
Firewall = Custom Policy.

From the last posts, I understood that the pending files works with Defence+ set to Clean PC.


Ok i can confirm this, when i run clean pc and edit an executable file it detects correctly.

Did it use to work with Train with Safemode before ? i was normaly running in that mode and getting Pending files also…

Previous versions gave pending files with other settings, the latest version will only add files to pending list when in Clean PC Mode. This has been changed to help alleviate the annoyances some users had with pending files list.


Okay, thanks for the info…

Topic will be closed. If you want to re-open it for some reason, PM an online mod.